Do you find yourself hesitant or even anxious at the thought of speaking up and being assertive?

Join me on the 4 week Embracing Assertiveness Challenge – A program designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to share what you really think and feel, say NO and make requests for what you ideally want.

The step-by-step approach is applicable to your personal and professional life and aims to increase your clarity and overall impact when communicating with others.

What differentiates the Belfinn experience?

Belfinn offers an evidence based approach that is results driven, impactful and designed to benefit all aspects of your personal and professional life.

  • Action Orientated

    I focus on pragmatic strategies and provide valuable insights for how best to prioritise areas for focus and set manageable goals to increase the likelihood of you applying your new skills and knowledge.

  • Mindset

    The concurrent focus on mindset provides the opportunity to assess and reset what you think and how you feel about your capability and the opportunities you have to influence change.

  • Group Coaching

    The option to access weekly virtual group coaching calls offers an accountability-driven method for forming & norming new habits to support you with making progress and maintaining focus on your goals.

Embracing Assertiveness Four Week Challenge Roadmap:

The masterclasses can be accessed via your phone, tablet or laptop and all content is fully responsive whether you are on a mobile device or laptop.

Week ONE:
Differentiating Assertiveness

Clarify the characteristics, misconceptions and benefits of practicing assertive communication. This includes identifying your strengths and areas for development and gaining insights for how to navigate the four most common communication styles.

Week TWO:
 Amplifying Your Impact;

Learn simple and highly impactful tweaks and approaches which you can immediately put into practice to increase focus and clarity with your assertive conversations.

 5 Steps to being assertive 

Explore a step-by-step method for how to clearly express your perspective and desired outcomes while also demonstrating respect and being inclusive of the needs of others.

Week Four:
Saying NO & Reinforcing Boundaries 

Learn how to respectfully say No and set boundaries to ensure you are safeguarding your time and energy, making time for what matters most to you and looking after your wellbeing.

Features you will love about the program:

  • Step-by-step approach

    The tools and strategies are presented in a step-by-step approach to support you with easily, and immediately, putting your new skills into practice. You have access to the content for 12 months to refresh your skills & knowledge.

  • Community

    Build connections with a community on the same journey as you in a closed group forum which provides the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and celebrate success!

  • Investment Guarantee

    If you have never participated in an on-line program and are not sure if this approach will work for you, then email your request to cancel within 14 days of signing up to and I will provide you with a full refund.

Masterclass Overview

  1. 1
    • 1.1. Differentiating Assertiveness Introduction

    • 1.2 Exploring the four communication styles

    • 1.3. The Accommodating Communication Style

    • 1.4 The Direct Communication Style

    • 1.5. The Indirect Communication Style

    • 1.6. The Assertive Communication Style

    • 1.7. What distinguishes the assertive communication style

    • 1.8. Choosing your optimal approach

    • 1.9 Tips for navigating the different communication styles

    • 1.10. Circumventing assertive stereotypes

    • 1.11. Communication Self-Assessment

    • 1.12. Evaluating your predominant communication style

    • 1.13 Consolidating your strengths

    • 1.14 Connecting with your ‘Why’ for embracing an assertive approach

  2. 2
    • 2.1 Exploring the fundamentals of impactful communication

    • 2.2. Deconstructing Active Listening

    • 2.3 The power of presence

    • 2.4 How to demonstrate that you are interested & engaged

    • 2.5 Tips for reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings

    • 2.6. The role and benefits of powerful questions

    • 2.7. Skilfully using silence

    • 2.8 How to encourage people to listen to you

    • 2.9 Tips for shining & refining your communication approach

  3. 3
    • 3.1 Masterclass overview

    • 3.2 Crafting considerate conversations

    • 3.3 Exploring diverse perspectives

    • 3.4 Tips for how to effectively share your perspective

    • 3.5 Framing your assertive BID

    • 3.6 Evaluating your decision to speak up

    • 3.7 Making requests for what you would ideally like

    • 3.8 Prioritising where to start

  4. 4
    • Masterclass overview

    • Making your decision to say NO

    • 4 approaches for respectfully saying NO

    • Changing your response from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’

    • Why we need boundaries

    • How to establish healthy boundaries

    • Recognising when boundaries are being tested

    • Pre-empting your obstacles

    • Prioritising where to start on your assertive journey

About ME

Katheryn Curnow,
Director Belfinn Coaching

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation and have over 15 years consulting experience supporting leaders and teams to increase performance and to navigate change. My studies have been informed by applied neuroscience and positive psychology to ensure my approach is current and evolving in line with best practice.

This means that I am not just presenting interesting research and best practice principles but outlining the information in a way that encourages you to actively reflect on your own situation, prioritise areas for focus, and most importantly, to translate your best intentions into action.

As a coach I am especially passionate about supporting others to ‘speak up’ and ‘stand out’ by sharing their unique strengths, passions and perspectives. Experience shows life is much more interesting (and fulfilling) when we feel free to express and act on what matters most to us!

Investment Options

Study at your own pace and tap into the community for support and direction or invest in the Group Coaching Upgrade to have access to weekly virtual group coaching sessions for the duration of the Program.